QFDcapture Professional Edition

The QFD Decision Modeler

QFDcapture Professional Edition is an indispensable tool for any planning process, from basic to complex. The software has a decision model focus (the Roadmap), rather than a single House of Quality (HoQ) focus. Having a decision model focus means you can set up and interlink a collection of lists, matrices, and documents to construct a decision making model for your project. This decision making model can be high level (a single HoQ) or detailed (many HoQs cascaded from one to another) or something in-between.

A QFDcapture model enables you to collect, analyze and manage qualitative data to give you an accurate definition of your competition space, your customer expectations and the needs of your business. The model will also:
  • Help you develop a prioritized list of what customers expect to see in your products, services or strategies
  • Help you translate customer expectations into specifications your designers can understand and act on
  • Help you develop an ordered list of what steps your company must take to satisfy customer requirements
  • Help you plan products, services or strategies with fewer mid-point corrections

Sample QFDcapture Professional Road Maps:

Enhanced Quality Function Deployment (EQFD)

is a broader QFD framework that applies a system perspective recognizing the need to decompose more complex products into subsystems and assemblies with supporting deployment matrices and concept selection matrices.

Four Phase QFD

cascades customer requirements through four HoQ matrices: 1) Product Planning; 2) Part Planning; 3) Process Planning; 4) Production Planning to translate customer requirements into product and process design targets.


approach, developed by Bob King, who wrote the first book in English on QFD in 1988.

Concurrent Product and Process Development QFD

developed by International TechneGroup Incorporated.

Object Oriented Design QFD

developed by Jim Finn at International TechneGroup Incorporated.

Simple QFD (single House of Quality)

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